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Re: Pcos help

Losing weight will help. Ideally you'd want a BMI of around 24 and this will help you be healthier through pregnancy (I know its hard though - my BMI is 27 and we're looking to TTC this year, so I need to shift a few stone).

I would go and see your GP. If you've been trying for a year, then they will start to offer you options. Its possible your GP isn't concerned because of your age - if you're may age (29), then they start to take more notice when you haven't had any luck. So perhaps you might need to find a GP who is more open to trying different things.

I would look into the options for people with PCOS ttc - I've not looked at any yet as not starting ttc for 6 months, but I know they're out there! I think metformin is useful??