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Why won't my ear popping get better????

My whole family is tired of listening to me complain and I even lost a friend because I can't focus on anything but this ear thing that i'm going through! My kids are even suffering. This is so unfair. going on for over 2 months now. The popping and crackling in my right ear and the feeling of fullness is driving me mad. At night the ringing has gotten better and I have a feeling is because I quit cows milk and coffee. But seriously I am tired of so many ent specialist telling me there is nothing wrong with me. Yes there is! I know my ear looks fine. No fluid, no air...i guess they meausred this was some testing they did..passed my hearing test ...a little low on my right ear last diagnos was tmj and the dentist insisted the ear popping and other issues were do to this. No maybe I due clench my teeth at night but that ear popping is not from that it is a congested feeling in my ear. It is for sure coming from my ear. If it was from tmj i would hear a popping sound when I opened my mouth. I have a few mri's scheduled at the end of the month and the doctor told me he probably wont see anything on them then why do it!! I dont' want to deal with this anymore. I can't. No it's not life threatening. But the pressure is bad and I'm scared to fly. I'm scared my child will drop a plate and the sound will hurt my ears. I am tired of swallowing and trying to pop my ears all damn day. I need to hear success stories. What can I do? I started yesterday with trying to pop my ears every hour by pinching my nose and blowing..although this freaks me out I am still doing it. I was told by the last ent specialist that I have to help my eustachian tube that it is a collapsed ..(this is his assumption) oh and that I may have allergies ..I do feel extra stuffy lately at nights..not to bad but a bit plugged. My daughter and son are getting over a cold so that maybe what I am going to experience soon which is making my ears pop even more!! Please help me. Please tell me success stories how you do not have this anymore but did at one point and it is gone. I am so scared that it wont go away.

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