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Re: Nucynta is off my list.

Originally Posted by nochange View Post
dv8er, by the way, what happened to the driver?
I bet he is fine and not suffering from chronic pain at all.

Cars are not very good invention if they can cause chronic pain. I know it's the person who drive it and not the car but still. If cars can cause chronic pain then they are not good invention, period.

They should have kept those I said before. THey didn't cause chronic pain.
So what if they were slow? it's better than suffering from pain.

I wish life gets better for you. I also have neck pain, just like you caused by a car accident. Never thought it will happen to me.
hi nochange,

of course nothing happened to the driver. that's how it always works, right? i slapped him with a nice negligence law suit, which, btw, still shows up in case searches, so i hope that continues to follow him. not sure what, if anything, it might do, but i have faith it will come back to bite him in the a$$ at some point. yup, i'm still bitter.

i tend to agree with iso on the 'cars are a bad invention' statement. while cars have the potential to be lethal, like you said, it's the operator of the car that needs modification. how about harsher punishments for drivers that injure passengers? if it's negligence, how about taking a license away for the rest of his or her life? driving is a privilege and too many people take that for granted. the night he almost killed me could have been completely avoided had the driver had some understanding of the repercussions of his actions. no need to punish those who obey the rules, only those who don't.

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