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re: going through the basal joint surgery process - my story

Hi Cassie and Janet!

Cassie, even with the nerve block I had to switch from Percoset to Oxycodone with my first surgery. I waited too long to start the pain medication and Percoset didn't work. Also, the ace bandage around my cast was way too tight. I wasn't getting good circulation. My husband called the surgery center and they told him to loosen the ace bandage. That helped quite a bit but I did have a whopper of a bruise from the pressure. Cassie, I hope you start feeling better real soon. That kind of pain wears you out real quick!

Janet, it sounds like the 2nd surgery on your hand was successful! Are you swinging a golf club yet? I just finished PT on my right hand. Both hands are feeling pretty good unless I overuse them. I am lucky in that my PT also has a fitness room in his practice. Right now I'm working on cardio only. I will start working on my hand and arm strength when the PT gives the okay. I still have a weight limit on what I pick up. Six months ago I didn't think I'd ever feel this good so I am happy with the progress. I still have bulging tendons and lumps in my palms from Dupuytrans, but for now I can still straighten my fingers. Maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones and it won't progress past this stage! My grandson born in September is growing quickly, and my new granddaughter will be here in March. She will bring the total to 5grandbabies with the oldest being 5 1/2. They will keep me young!

Take care, ladies! Cassie, I hope you get your pain under control real soon. We can all emphasize with you!
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