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Re: Always sick in the tummy

Originally Posted by NJLinda View Post
Hi Shirley. Was wondering what your symptoms were when you were diagnosed? Pain, elevated enzemes? My gastro told me I might have it 2 years ago but pancrease has been looking good and after an mri, he's not sure anymore. I have daily diaherra and I've had pancreatitis twice but at least 10 years ago. I do have an autoimmune disease, maybe MCTD and lupus. Thank you. gelbean, I hope you begin to feel better. Stomach issues are horrid!
Hi Linda,
When I went To the ER, I had woken up in the morning with a pain in the middle of my stomach that was bad enough I could not sit still. I kind of rocked back and forth to try to make it feel better. It did start easeing up, but I am 72 yrs old and I have a blood condition and could get blood clots, and that where my mind was. They did a blood test and said I had an inflamed pancreas and that I should get it checked. They wanted to give me a shot for pain, but I refused, they gave antibotics and told me to go home and rest. It didn't take me an hour to put it together that this was what had been wrong with me all my life.Stomach aches as a child. very severe attack before I was 17yrs old. Out to a Drive in and had a lot of coke with pop corn. Became afraid of pop corn. One more real bad one, but was on a train going to New York and didn't see anyone. Other attacks, but not as bad. Every time I went to the ER they said I had gastritis, and you do feel silly. My gallbladder was removed about 20yrs ago as it was diseased, and was known about when I was 22yrs old. I told the DR at that time Only half of my pain was gone. They couldn't find out what was wrong and finally gave up. I lived with the pain from then on and noticed stress made it worse and most of it was right side or all over stomach aches, and feeling sick every morning when I woke. The Dr said I had a badly diseased pancreas when he went down and look at and checked to see if I had cancer there. No cancer at that time, but chronic Pancreatitis. No fun, and yes a lot of diaherra to go with it, off and on. Such a long story and I am trying to make it short as I can.There stories on the web of people with this and feel lucky so far to a lot of them.Oh, I was getting atacks in my stomach in to my chest at night that I didn,t know what it was, very scary, thought it might be a heart attack coming. That was only in the last eight months before I found out what it was.My brother died with Pancreatic Cancer when he was 52. Never had been sick and it started out with indigestion. The Dr put him on meds for just that, indigestion and he went on down hill. I've said enough for now and I sure hope you find your problem soon, and I'll answerr any question you have that I can. Don't know right now any more to say BUT GOOD LUck!!! Wish there were computers and message boards back in my younger days! I live in Maryland, close to John Hopkins so I got a Dr there for this then.