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Re: Complications after anal wart removal? Scar tissue in particular.


My history - about 2+ years ago I began to become REALLY itchy around my sphincter. I thought it was anything for the moist wipes I'd use after going to the restroom, to even pinworms! I didn't have insurance at the time, so I just endured. Eventually, after I got insurance through my partner, I went to the doctor and was told I had warts. I actually was a bit shattered. I'd always been really safe, and always got tested, and my partner was as well. We'd already been in a monogamous relationship for years at this point (which continues to this day), so I'm still at a loss for how I contracted it. To this day he's never had any signs.

Long story short, I've had several procedures to have them removed as I had reoccurrence, especially in one spot. none were deeply internal, thankfully. I haven't had a reoccurrence in going on 6+ months.

Here's my 2 problems- I'm still itchy. A LOT. Especially at times of rest. I've been told to use ointments like aquaphor and was also given an anti-itch ointment. I use them, quite often, but neither last very long. I do think I have a bit of OCD regarding my cleanliness down there, so I do also perhaps wipe too hard or too much. I often have spots of blood, and the last time I saw the dermatologist, he told me I did have small minor tears, which is from the wiping. I think part of it is, the deeper -wiping- (which, at this time, I'm clean), feels like I'm really scratching that itch, and it feels like relief. It's frustrating though, as I've now been living with an itchy bum for going on 3 years or so.

My other problem is the ONE spot where the wart came back - really prevents me from trying to enjoy anal sex with my partner. To be honest, I've never been THAT good at it, but psychologically I like to try. I actually don't really experience much pain anymore, except for THAT spot, which feels like it's tearing, and becomes a very uncomfortable stinging sensation. Recently I tried using 2 different lubes that had natural chemicals in it that were supposed to help deaden some of the initial discomfort of anal sex, and it didn't really do much, which was again disappointing. It's usually a few weeks to a month in between attempting it, but it's just become a really distressing part of my LTR with my partner.

I've brought up the itching to my derm, but not the pain. I'm not sure what to do or try. Perhaps vitamin E. I assume it's just the skin/scar tissue has to get used to stretching again?

thanks for listening, and any guidance.