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diagnosed with gastritis & h.pylori

Hi all,
I'm a 20 y/o female & I'm having crazy weird symptoms. Get comfortable because this is gonna take a bit.
On Nov. 11th , 2012 I went to the ER due to a huge bump in my left ear that was causing some really bad pain. It was an " infected black head " diagnosed as a boil; doc cut it , drained it & packed it gave me some antibiotics and pain meds and sent me on my way. ( i was satisfied w/ this ; thought everything would go back to normal... WRONG! By a LONG SHOT!) Anyways two days later otw to the ER to have packing removed i started having sudden extreme right lower abdomen pain.. told dof who was removing the packing about it & he diagnosed it as constipation. I knew he was wrong because I've been dealing with constipation since i was 12 so i went for a sec opinion and was told a cyst on my right ovary ruptured & that the blood would dry out & that was it. Well three days after that my heart started beating crazy(123 bpm) and i rushed to the er thinking i was dying they did an ekg, chest xray , everything came back normal... so they told me it was anxiety i was so mad bc they showed no compassion what's so ever!! Then 2 days after that visit i started getting a "balloon stuck feeling" in my upper abdomen between both ribcagescausing it to feel like i could barely breath so went back to er and was diagnosed with gastritis and a uti infection so i was like ok fine lets go with that then. Then a week later i was getting extremely tired , weak , felt like everytime i ate or drunk i had to burp to get it to go down or it would just stay stuck between my ribcage , I've lost 27 lbs with in the month of being sick , i always had thick mucous everytime i ate causing me to spit alot, i was getting horrible heart burn , so my mother rushed me back to the Dr. They admitted me i was severely dehydrated, blood pressure was 83/53 and i weighed 101lbs ( my height 5'4 and age 20 y/o female weight should be 124-130) i was severely backed up (constipated) they did all kinds of blood work : normal abdominal/chest x-ray : normal , vagina ultra sound : 4mm cyst on left ovary and an endoscopy : everything was normal drptook biopsies tested for celiac disease , candida, and h.pylori all came back negative but the lovely h. Pylori... so in suppose to start my treatment on Tuesday or wednesday. But now my left tonsil is swollen , i feel like there's a band around my head and my left ear (where the boil was) feels like there's air in it.and still when i eat or drink i have to burp to feel like its going to my stomach. I have come to bout that when i do have a BM some of the pressure in my stomach is relieved. Also my stomach swells out like im 3-4 months pregnant. Everytime i eat. Theres slot of problems in this situation of mine i do know. I am not pregnant so pls no one ask. If anyone could try to shed some light or suggestions. In not asking for a diagnosis as i know none of us are drs. Any help or effort that's legitimate wouof be gratefully appreciated. Im lost,sad & angry i want the 20 yr old hap pp y female that was here in the beginning of Nov. My husband misses her too .

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