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Re: Surgery on 11/30 - Im scared!

Originally Posted by Belly Kelly View Post
Sorry you were in the hospital and glad you are feeling better now.

I feel great for 10 days after surgery. I do get loose bowels if I eat too much fat, specifically, anything with butter in it. I am trying to eat low fat yet.

My annoying hurdle has been itching! I first experienced itching thanks to the pain meds I was prescribed. And now, I am having a reaction to the steri-strips they used over my incisions. The strips are off of me and I am still itcing like crazy in those area. Doc said to use cream and benedryl. Benedryl isn't an option since it knocks me out and I have a baby to take care of. I know this is minor and will go away, but when the rest of me is feeling great, having to itch itch itch all the time is really wearing on me!
Can you try the benadryl lotion/cream? or there is even a spray? And, in the hospital where I work, we put milk of magnesia on skin when they have sensative skin or an allergic reaction to therapeutic taping (you know, like all the olympic atheletes used this past year).....worth a try????

Im still having a hard time with eating anything and am wondering if really there is another issue and the gallbladder just got discovered through the testing??? Any thoughts anyone?