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Re: What was your recovery like after sinus surgery?

Hey yo...

I've had two sinus surgeries: the first an endoscopic for orbital cellulitis; the second, a sinus obliteration procedure to remove a failed sinus that way draining fluids directly into my eye. Had both of these not been done, I would have firstly lost my left eye (the result of not getting the operation done had I "chickened out") prior to contracting a brain infection (encephalitis) or meningitis--in other words, there was absolutely no way out of these two procedures. The obliteration procedure is a surgery of last resort and to be avoided if possible. I've had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS with my sinuses since these two surgeries. I don't rinse the interior of my nose or sinuses in any way--the chronic sinus that I DID HAVE is gone much to the surprise of myself and my surgeon who thought that he'd be seeing me for the rest of my life. My comments regarding sinus obliteration are elsewhee in this forum. Best of luck to you!