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Re: Feel very guilty about spanking my 6 year old daugther.

No, you should not feel bad. I think your wife needs to be on board otherwise she will continue this acting out . BOTH parents need to agree on the rules and enforce them. Spanking a child gets their attention. It does not leave marks, bruising etc...that's a beating and there is a difference. If Time Out isnt working, taking away her toys, or making her sit in her room won't work, then what you did worked, I'd say stick with it!

A good tool for parents who spank is this........don't react, spank in anger.....send her to her room and tell her you will be in to see her in a bit.........take the time to cool down if you are mad, then go in her room, sit on her bed, and ask her to come sit down . Talk to her in a calm voice and tell her what she did was wrong, why it was wrong and what the consequences are and will be from now on when she acts out.
We had to do this with our 7 yr old grandson when he moved in with us, and after a month, he started behaving and not being disrespectful to anyone~

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