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Re: I can feel a grain sized lump ideas please

So doctors have been stumped by this growth already? That's good. It means at least it's probably not something totally obvious. Did your doctor(s) wonder if the yeast could have caused the growth?

Did you use only topical antifungals or get pills too (like Nizoral tablets)? I've never heard of specifically the sort of growth you have (and I'm not medically trained), but I know that prolonged yeast infections are able to cause weird growths. Prolonged yeast infections can even cause cancer in other parts of the body (at least of the esophagus), so there's a lot of reason to fix the yeast problem as soon as possible.

For fighting yeast infections, don't drink any milk or cream until it's better. And cranberry juice can do quite a bit for yeast problems. The unsweetened is stronger. There are a lot of other little 'home remedy' type tips like these that help with yeast. But for the strongest antifungal, get Nizoral tablets or other systemic antifungal drug(s) from your doctor.