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Am I a bad person?

A few months ago, I never had any of these happen:

1. I first started getting.." obsessions "; I learned that this was OCD.

2. I didn't get help for this, and things got worse--

Like, I have these impulses/ a voice tells me to do bad things.

Over time, it got REALLY bad. I hear voices and stuff-- Research told me that this was schizophrenia...

3. VV

I never done this before in my life, and I try to fight it, because it disgusts me. I... do this:


I..mutter these intrusive thoughts, and then anxiety/guilt comes in, because I don't know WHY I said those, as I don't mean them.

I try humming or biting my tongue, but it still comes into my head, and I don't mean to insult anybody. I know this because I feel horrible afterwards, and not good.

I get upset because I feel as if I'm a horrible , just because I have these thoughts, and that I'm a jerk.

If I were actually that horrible, wouldn't I feel happy and not extremely guilty..?

What do I do?

I'm only teenager years old, I'd like to live and enjoy my life.

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