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Re: Labyrinthitis not fully compensated after 8 years

Your symptoms were somewhat similar to mine: just reading about them still makes me feel worse. But at this point, I am out of it.

I just researched and went to the arguably number 1 doc in the world for balance problems, taking a trans-atlantic flight, and got the RIGHT VRT exercises. I tried my local neuro-otologist before, then the one in the big city. What I found out was that a lot of these guys did not give the RIGHT exercises. The doc I saw and his associated physio gave a set of exercises customized for me and (knocking on wood) it worked. Maybe that is something that can be food for thought.

Hang in there and I hope you feel a lot better soon.

Originally Posted by loralei View Post
So my story is probably very familiar to a lot of you. I was diagnosed with inner ear damage from viral Labyrinthitis about 8 years ago. I was told do my VRT exercises and eventually I'd compensate and be just fine.

8 years later, I feel a lot better, most of the time, but rarely do I feel "fine."
Any sort of cold, infection or stress causes the weird fuzzy dizzy feeling. It's not rotational vertigo, but something is just off.

Occasionally I get the feeling of being "pushed" and I have to grab a table or something to hold onto. It often feels like it's related to clogged sinuses or my allergies. It's SO weird and I've often wondered if I do, in fact, have Meneire's. I can go a whole day with no rotational vertigo and then BOOM, I think I'm being pushed or pulled.

I can't seem to get an appointment with my old otoneurologist. They never pick up, I leave a message, but they never call back. I was just wondering if anyone else had this strange symptom, and if perhaps it sound more like Meneire's.

To put it more in context, this has not really hindered my life in a huge way. I can keep a job and I can concentrate most of the time. It's just very very annoying and perplexing. I pray eventually my bad ear will just burn out, but I worry that it might spread to the other ear.