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Re: Question about Schizophrenia medications (Clozaril and Haldol)

haldol is considered a "typical" (older) antipsychotic, and clozaril an "atypical" (newer) though it is thought to be more related to a typical than some of the other atypicals. haldol is very effective but can cause tardive dyskenesia, a movement disorder that results from too little dopamine, something that antipsychotics suppress. clozaril has more of a risk of weight gain and diabetes, and also an inherent risk with white blood cells, which means you have to have your blood tested once a week when you start.

though clozaril usually causes more weight gain than haldol, i'm not saying that it can't be the other way around. meds affect people differently. as my psychiatrist says "we are all a catagory of one."

meds can affect metabolism, meaning it's harder to maintain an normal weight on these drugs, but extra exercise and healthy eating can really make a difference.

i hated the way haldol made me feel, but clozaril has been awesome even though i don't like the side effects. people are afraid of it because of the blood disorder issues, but if you are monitored such things can be avoided. unfortunately it is a lot more expensive than haldol.

i have been on almost all antipsychotics in the book. if you need more info let me know!