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Re: beta blockers reduce the heart rate

I previously was on Metoprolol ER 25mg twice a day, very little side effects after the first few adjustment days. Felt it worked very well. I had normal BP to begin with, but was put on Beta Blockers due to a sudden onset of PACs and Tachycardia.

I was recently switched to Bisoprolol 5mg once a day. One of my docs found a study that people who suffer from chest pain (like myself) seemed to do much better on this beta blocker versus the others. I really don't like it. I'm constantly dizzy, and anytime I turn my head too fast, change position, or even roll over in bed it feels as if I've completely lost my balance. It also seems to do very little as far as lessening the intensity of the symptoms I was taking it for.

I realize it can be dangerous to switch back and forth, but I have an appt with my Cardiologist in a month and am going to ask him to put me back on the Metoprolol. Hope this helps.