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Re: My heart rhythm seems to be always 95

I have a high heart rate too, usually in the 90s, often around 110 to 120 if I'm doing anything other than sitting. I have normal to low blood pressure, around 95/65. I tried taking a beta blocker, but it made my blood pressure too low and I felt worse (even on a 1/4 of a pill). This all started for me in the last year or so. I'm not overweight, don't smoke or drink, exercised regularly. My cardiac catherization showed no blockages. I'm currently taking a small dose of an ACE inhibitor to help reduce the workload of the heart, but the doctors seem baffled by what is causing this. I feel lousy most of the time too -- lightheaded, short of breath, chest tightness. It's ruining my life too. I had to stop working and stop most of the sports I enjoyed doing. Also had my thyroid checked as this is often a culprit of an unexplained high heart rate, but no, it was fine.

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