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Re: Possible Piriformis Syndrome

Originally Posted by teteri66 View Post
Ii usually post on the back board where we talk about piriformis issues from time to time. You might be able to get some additional information there.

There are many issues for the type of symptoms you are feeling. It could be a lower lumbar disc, or a problem with the sacroiliac joint. At least in my experience, it is a bit unusual to have a problem only with the piriformis without having any other issues with the lumbar spine or SI joints.

Is the pain only on the back of your thigh and leg? Where does your foot go numb? Do you have any tingling? Numbness and tingling are usually a sign that there is some spinal nerve compression. But the sciatic nerve itself can get pinched if the piriformis is taut or inflamed. In this case, the question would be "what is causing the piriformis to be taut or inflamed?

There are some provocative stretches you can do to help determine if it is the piriformis that is causing the pain. I think you can find them online if you look through a number of different websites.
First of all, thank-you so much for responding. I appreciate it because I'm at my wits end here trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I've actually been tested for all of the more common causes of sciatica. I had a lumbar MRI and whatnot and it came back normal. The majority of the numbness is in my thighs, although overtime it did spread down to my feet and the toes in the middle seem to be the worst and my big toe seems to be the one that is least numb. Also, I have these suspicions for a couple of reasons. When I drive, my right leg, which I put a lot of pressure on when I drive really begins to hurt and goes completely numb if I'm in the car for more then say 40 mins. In addition, after I ran not too long ago my right leg was sore and the worst it's been for three days afterwards, basically until I saw my chiropractor. Furthermore, ever since I went to the chiropractor and he told me that my piriformis muscle was tight I've been doing some serious leg stretching including the hamstrings and glutes, but mainly focusing on the piriformis muscle and I saw a considerable amount of improvement.