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Just Diagnosed, Looking for People Who Understand

Hi all,

My rheumatologist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia yesterday. I had suspected this for years now -- particularly the past two or so, when my "flares" have come more frequently and intensely.

I haven't had a good night's sleep in months and months. I have such pain to pressure along my hips, outer pelvis, buttocks, and legs that I cannot get comfortable when lying or sitting. It became so intense that I had to remove the duvet cover from my down comforter, because the weight literally HURT me.

On top of the daily pain and discomfort, I have tinnitus in both ears. The constant intrusion of pain and perceived ringing has left me rather depressed. I'm not yet 40, but I feel 80 sometimes.

My husband is sympathetic and concerned, but I worry that he feels overwhelmed and powerless to help me (and truthfully, he IS powerless to do anything to fix me) -- and so I try my best not to complain too much to him and make cause his further worry.

So that's why I'm here. Just to vent to people who get what I'm describing, and who've traveled this path longer than I have and can perhaps give me a little insight, advice & encouragement.

I'll begin taking Cymbalta today, and am hoping it works for me. I am generally very sensitive to meds (whenever a dr touts a med as having fewer than 1% of patients experiencing adverse reactions, I raise my hand and say, "Yeah -- I'm that 1%.) -- so I take this new one with some reservations and low expectations.

In any case, thanks for reading.

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