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Re: Elevated liver enzymes, pain under right rib cage, coarse texture on ultrasound

The itchiness comes and goes, it hasn't been bothering me much lately. I get a dull ache under my right ribcage, all around that area. Sometimes sharper pains and sometimes a twisting type pain. I also am feeling a lot of pain from my enlarged spleen. Recently I have had a spot on my belly a few inches down from where my ribcage ends on the left side (the lowest area I feel pain from my spleen) that seems to feel slightly tingly or almost numb. That area actually felt kind of like a numbing sensation inside all day yesterday. My platelet count is 107,000 and my liver enzymes have stayed elevated. There are a few things that are not out of range but on the low end of normal (I think my A/G ratio and something else). Also white blood cells are on the low end of normal. They have ruled out fatty liver, autoimmune, viral hep, metabolic disorders, iron issues, Wilson's disease etc. basically everything.

Anybody ever heard of the APRI score though? I've read it's reliable but I only have two tests that show both my AST and platelet count so I don't know how much I could read into that. And I know they dont go by that test alone to say anything about cirrhosis or fibrosis but I'm just curious. My GI doc said cirrhosis is not ruled out which scares me but it would be in early stages if I had it. And I've read there is cryptogenic cirrhosis, which is cirrhosis that has developed but they can't figure out why. Weird.

I have my first hepatology visit on Jan 3rd. I can't wait. I just want to know that I'm ok.

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