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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

Hello!, Hello! Seabell & LouAnn,

Truth is....I've been waiting for LouAnn to post her response, cause I didn't want to break in the middle and muddle things up for her!

LouAnn....Almost a whole month before an attack....that is really great! I'm so glad the new meds have worked well. Please do not feel discouraged because of one attack....remember the previous 4 weeks and be sooooo encouraged! And you are doing the right thing...keeping exact track of what you might have eaten just before that might have triggered the attack. For me, I would never have been able to eat an egg and tomato sandwhich without first taking my ACACIA FIBER to help with the consequences! So, Seabell and I are going to continue to encourage you to try this because it truly has been a miracle product for both of us...and we take it every day without fail...because it works! Oh, and please remember this...we love hearing from you and finding out how you are doing and most important....we are here for you, and we want to be a help for you! Post daily, post weekly (but monthly is killing!)

Anyway, I pray for All of us daily that we might grow in our discernment and wisdom concerning our IBS issues

Seabell....The family was thrilled to have me back home. Last year I was "sick to my stomach" , remember that's all I could call it last year. Now life is truly so much different and the ability to travel home to see them is the miracle you gave me! Thank you for this year's early Christmas present!

"Kitty" is a very rare two-tone: Upper half is a deep carnival red, lower half is dark maroon, hand painted gold pin stripes seperating them. She sports a rear spoiler, chrome wheels, lots of extra burled maple on the inside with natural tan leather: is fun, fun,fun...0 to 60 in 6 flat! Really!

I'm so glad your tummy is behaving and can report that mine is too! Yes, I'm watching what I am baking (breads, pies, and such) and eating (breads, pies, and such, lol!) and I am quite sure I'm gonna get those ten pounds back. I am so thankful heading into this Christmas season I'm almost speechless. We go tomorrow to the airport to pick up our son Joshua for Christmas break from "Basic Training" from Fort Jackson, South Carolina. It will be so good to have him back home for awhile....

Blesssing's to you both and to your families....and healthy tummies to us all!