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Re: Just Diagnosed, Looking for People Who Understand

Welcome! You came to the right place!
Luckily you have finally been diagnosed so you can get the treatment you need. You'll learn how to control it in time.
Please be careful with cymbolta. I had issues with it, especially going off it... Really shouldn't have it on the market...
Once you have your pain more under control you will sleep better & that will also help the pain Have your Rhum prescribe you a muscle relaxer. I'm on Cyclobenzapr (Flexeril) & works great! I can take it between doses of Tramadol during the day & it helps with pain. Won't make me sleepy or anything. Then I can take it at bed time & I'll be asleep in 20 mins Some people do well with melatonin. For me it'll put me asleep but I'll was up every hour... I give it to my daughter for sleep though.
I know it sux to be young & feel so old... I've had probs since I was 18, I'm 32 now & the last few yrs have been really bad. I hardy leave my couch & doesn't take much for me to over do it. But I have something else going on that's making the pain & fatigue worst & causing vomiting. Once I get that figured out & control I'll be able to live alittle...
My husband had a hard time with it also. He made it harder for me for awhile... Still does sometimes...
Anyhow... You are in the right track! You also came to the best place for help & support! I don't know what I would have done a few yrs ago when pain set in & I finally had answers. Coming here helped more than any dr could.
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