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Re: waiting on referral


Thanks so much for your reply. I did have a dermatologist look at it when I started, and they thought it might be allergies, but since then I've had many other sypmtoms and my GP doesn't think it's an allergic reaction, but I am going to an allergist in January, so I can rule that out if needed. I also have a followup with the derm in January, so maybe a biopsy will be done, especially if this is still going on. The sores start to heal, but then I start to get new ones.

My husband actually told his rhuemy about this at his appt (he has psoratic arthritis), and they said to get a referral , so I'm working on that now. If my GP won't give me one, I think I'm going to ask the allergist, especially if nothing shows up there - I have a new saying now when I talk about going to a new doc - 'cure me or refer me'.
I now remember that my grandmother also had rheumetoid and hypothyroid, and my dad is hypo also and has arthritis - but I'm not sure what kind - he doesn't like to go to doctors unless he has to, so he just take aleve for it.

Thanks again.