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Can blood tests be off, or not accurately represent a possible condition?

In 2007 I started to feel unusually hot, first in places I sweat more like groin and armpits, and soon throughout the whole trunk of my body. Itís not hot flashes but is the constant state of how I am. I feel hot and steamy and get very uncomfortable and start to smell bad after a few hours. Itís not hyperhydrosis as, though I get moist from the heat, I donít drip sweat. Though thereís an inordinate amount of heat coming off my body, my body temperature is about a half degree below average.

No doctor Iíve seen has the slightest idea of whatís causing it, and several have said itís not my thyroid as my TSH tests have all come back within normal range. I canít think of what else could make you so hot and am wondering if itís possible for a thyroid-related symptom not to show up in a blood test or to take a while to be represented in the test. My TSH results over the years are as follows:

8/7/12 Ė 1.04
2/21/12 Ė 0.96
5/20/11 Ė 2.09
2/13/09 Ė 1.186

The more important thing is that in 2010 I started to have tissue pain in my elbows and upper/inner leg. It has gotten continually worse in both severity and location over the 2Ĺ years. Itís like the thin lines of tendon/muscle stretching out from my elbows and running down my leg are hard and tight and extremely raw and painful. I havenít been able to walk and have had difficulty using my arms for over a year and a half, and lately have a hard time getting comfortable just sitting still.

Doctors likewise have come up with zip as to what is causing the tissue pain (early on one said hypermobility, but I think itís gotten too severe to be just that). Iíve read where endocrine problems can cause tissue pain and it seemed reasonable that whatever is making me so hot is also causing the pain. Any thoughts or information you may have on any of these thingsóthe hotness, blood tests, or tissue painóis greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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