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Re: abusive relationship/ narssistic personality

i tried to be with someone with narcissistic personality disorder, and it just doesn't work. i thought i could change him, thought i had, but that rage with unquenchable. he never hit me, but he did threaten me and emotionally abuse me, did beg me to hit him so that he could have a reason to hit me, and he physically attacked a lot of people in our lives. alcohol made it worse. i never felt safe, and i ended up detaching. he took that as abandonment which triggered issues he had at childhood and somehow i was the bad guy. even though he had been cheating on me, destroying my house, screaming insults at me all the time, somehow it became my fault.

i feel for you and i'm glad you got out of there. for me though, the abuse never turned that physical. he once blacked out and clawed at me and drew blood, but only a little bit, and did some other things i'm not going to talk about right now. even though i was never injured physically that badly, i still didn't feel safe. at the same time, i know i am lucky.

he seemed so charming, so wonderful. i had no idea.