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Re: New to this board and have a seizure question

Thanks dogmom, I truly appreciate your response. I was told the EEG was not fullproof but was a good indicator. It was 48hrs and at the time I was very sleep deprived so I am not sure if that makes a difference or not.

I have seen the heart Dr and they have ruled any major heart issues. My blood pressure has returned to a more normal number for the last few months and I have been able to walk 3 miles+ per day with my dogs. My sleep has dramatically improved and I am rarely fatigued. I do run my own business but I have done that for years and it is no more stressful then normal.

However, I still have this daily disoreintation issue / brain fog. I guess my next step is to return to the neurologist and see what he says. Would another EEG make the diagnosis for epilepsy more accurate?

The problem is certainly worse for me in the morning and does get a little better as the day progresses. I still have ti be careful around flashing lights, although, my neighbor has flashing Christmas lights and I can stare at them without issue. It appears to be mostly those bright fluorescent tube lights.....well again thanks for the response. I am trying to figure it all out. Just was not sure if it was possible/probable to get an epilepsy aura everyday for over a year without having any documented seizures.

Thanks again and hope you are doing well.