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Re: New to this board and have a seizure question

PennGuy, you are a quandry! I'm happy to hear everything is ok in ole' ticker, for sure! Photosensitivity could be an aura. I know I had a lot of problems with sunlight trickling through leaves prior to my diagnosis. Even now, being on 20 meds a day, it still bugs me...but I'm not sure if it's the Epi. or I'm just getting old and cranky! As in, "Could I just drive without all these distractions?" Nevermind flashing schoolbus flashing lights. grrrrr.
Some of it could be anxiety and you don't even realize it. Sometimes you could have interrupted sleep patterns and it throws your body out of whack. Like now. Why am I still awake? I need at least 10-12 hrs. a night. If I don't get it I poop out mid-afternoon for a coupla hours. My husband did a sleep study through Duke, and he learned a LOT about his sleep patterns and how to get a restful night of sleep.
I don't know if tthat will help in anyway..but maybe a sleep clinic could help?
Best wishes to you! Now go to bed! Think happy thoughts!
I have adult-onset epilepsy. I am here to answer any questions, offer hugs or whatever you need to the best of my disability.