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Re: New to this board and have a seizure question

Thanks again dogmom, I hope you got to bed soon after your post and got the 10-12 good hours . I am scheduled for a sleep study in Jan, so maybe they will find something. I to have also thought of anxiety, but truthfully it does not make sense.....all who know me would tell you I am very laid back and calm. Although, I admit to myself that sometimes I internalize my frustration and worry and I have to admit that now I am worried about the lights when I do things. Although, it does not explain everything as I still get the brain fog at times even when I at home brushing my teeth for example....should not be any anxiety there. Also I am one that loves people and still enjoy going to social events.

Well, I am going to keep with the pushing attitude and if something happens it happens. So be it.

Thanks for the advice. I will see how the sleep study goes and hope they will gave some answer. On a side note I never gave a sleep dr much credit, but I had one office visit with the guy a few weeks ago and he was the first one who really listened (more than hour) and wanted to research some things about my puzzle. He was shocked that in all my appointments, I have never had things like my urine checked. He mentioned something about my adrenals since my family has some history of SIADH and of all my findings the high IgE antibodies and eosinophils in my nose and stomach lining intrigued him. I am not sure how all of that is related to light sensitivity and the adrenals but I guess I will ask him more at my next appt. One thing I have learned through this is the body does not work in specialized units like many drs, it is amazing how hormones and salt balance for example can effect the brain and everything else.

Wishing you good sleep and good health through Christmas and for the New Year.