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Patient Lift

MIL has declined and now won't / can't get out of bed. She won't let the caregiver get her out of bed and I'm sure from not using her legs enough that she can't stay up. She already has a hospital bed at home with rails. Hospice has been coming a couple of times during the week, along with a Dr.

The other day the Dr. told the caregiver to call the ambulance (cuz she's moaning, which she does all the time). She gets there and there is nothing wrong. I think the Dr. must not know anything about Alz. Stupid...

Now she is getting a patient lift, which I don't understand. If the bed goes up and down the tranfer to the wheelchair isn't bad. What is the point if you can't move her, why lift to a chair and then you can't get her on the toilet since the patient lift won't fit in the bathroom? She's wearing diapers and has rubber sheets.

I just wanted some feedback to help me understand. Someone tells the family to do or get something and they don't ask questions?

I can tell she has declined quite a bit. She won't walk and just looks up at the ceiling mumbling. Thanks all

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