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How do I keep people from rejecing me for CFS and FM?

How do I keep people from rejecing me for CFS and FM? No one seems to be able understand my CFS, Fibromyalgia, and depression that keeps me from working and Iím on disability benefits. I have a doctorís degree, so they think I should be working. My whole family has completely rejected me for not working, because we have such a high work ethic in our family. My wife at the time was diagnosed with having schizophrenia leaving me to raise three boys alone, and nobody understands that.

A best friend more or less rejected me last night, saying I should not be on disability because yesterday I had a better day and was able to help him put beds together and fix up some rooms.

On some days I can do normal things like everyone else and get a lot done (not often), so people think Iím not sick. But other days I am bedridden. I feel hopeless, completely rejected, sick all the time, and completely useless to society even though I do some work for the homeless at times like tonight (Room at the Inn). Now Iíve learned that I dare not tell anybody that Iím sick, because it always ruins my relationships soon after they find out Iím not working.