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Re: Biologic Question Any help is appreciated

I know the risks that come with biologics. I also know that for almost 17 years I tried everything under the sun for some relief. The disease process is very active and destructive. Without the biologics I would have even more damage than I do now at 32. This was not a decision i made lightly. For the first 10 years the biologics worked great especially the remicade, but the 7 before that were pure hell. I started having reactions and its been tough to find a new treatment, since I have exhausted not only the biologics but things like methotrexate, etc. I use steroids when appropriate but those arent long term either. It also wasnt easy to slather the creams on over 70% of my body where the thick plaques were.
I have changed my diet I eat a mostly vegan gluten free diet with low amounts of soy as I have noticed some increase in inflammation with those foods. I am careful to notice what I eat and how it makes me feel afterwords. I dont drink, I dont use drugs. I exercise when my body permits.
Like I said i have carefully thought and weighed out my options and this is the best for me. I know what biologics are, how they work and what long term data that there is out there for them. I would like to hold my joint and skin damage to a minimum and this is the only thing that has done that.