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Unhappy Living with Celiac

Ever since I was 17 I constantly had abdominal pain. I remember once I was going to get my mom and I collapsed in the hall because of how much pain I was in. We went to e.r. and there they diagnosed me with two ulcers. So because of that I knocked out soda and or all carbonated drinks out of my diet so I didn't agitate them. Two years later I go to an upper G.I. doctor because the pain continued. Then I find out that I never had ulcers, I had celiac sprue. So for two years I was allergic to gluten but kept it in my everyday diet because I didn't know any better so now I am freaked out that I've done major damage to the lining of my intestines, and I'm scared. And I lost my health insurance a few days after my endoscopy so I never got the chance to discuss any of this with my doctor. All I know about celiac disease is what I've read off the internet. HELP.

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