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Re: Patient Lift

Thanks Deb,

I think her moaning is just the latest stage that she has reached. The hospital didn't find anything and didn't expect to. She's being medicated to stop her combativeness but she is still fighting to some extent. However, the medication is necessary to keep her from harming herself and others. I do question why at this stage she is on namenda. I thought that was for early to mid stage ALZ.
I was reading up on these patient lifts and they always recommend two people to operate the unit. Obviously this thing is too large to fit in the bathroom which is the only place that she would be going. Again, this agency that is coming out said to get it. I'm not sure how they started coming. I've also been reading about hospice fraud and one has to wonder. I am sure for the most part that they are good and their work is awesome.
The caregiver from the agency is overweight herself and probably has a hard time getting MIL out of bed, but... if she is incapable of moving a patient then it's time for either better care or another caregiver. However, the family is not on board. I can only pass info and hope that some of it sticks, usually not though.
It's hard to see what stage she is in. The dr said that she was healthy as a horse. If your muscles stop working though and you can't find your mouth to eat, isn't that a decline? She is inclined only to eat ice cream and onion rings. Considering she has acid reflux and diverticulits I'm sure these don't help her medical conditions.
How long does this stage last? I have tried to get the family to get her things in order. It's bad enough they don't have a clue.
Anyways, thank you for your response. It is always helpful and I feel better understanding the process and the situation.