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Thumbs up 6 months post stroke

I have been to the doctor and he said some good things. Six months is not the magic number to get things back it is the number for learning about what has happened to you. The doc said when you first have the stroke you are so scared of it happening again and everything is very scary. Life starts to become somewhat normal after 6 months and your routine kind of starts to fall back into a normal routine. I believe that is true. I have learned to accept what has happen but now I will not give in. I am not satisfied with how I feel and will continue to start over to make it better if possible. I told the doc I was glad to be here with my family and friends. Don't ever give up. Be positive and accept the challenge to overcome the small obstacles to make life better. Only you yourself has the power to make it better for you and those around you. Don't push your family and friends away. We have survived a terrible attack. Enjoy what you have as I have chosen to do. Don't look back look forward.
God bless all my friends n the board and have a safe and wonderful holiday.

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