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Re: My heart rhythm seems to be always 95

I measured my heart rate in bed a few times while I was well rested. I'm getting 77, 80 and 82. It seems that if I get up and move around, heart rate goes up. If I walk for 10 to 15 min, I get critically ill at 95 bpm.
The main problem is feeling the heart pound and nausea and difficulty in concentrating (I would have difficulty in listening to you during a conversation).

There is an occasional twitch that seems to come from my veins. Does that make sense? Very weird.

And also, my hands get red and cold. I think I have a circulation problem and this has been with me since I was 10.

To Machaon
Basically, the path to getting a heart to behave itself is to keep the adrenal glands from stimulating or irritating the heart. Why does this make sense? Well...... most heart medications try to block or inhibit stimulating and irritating hormones from the adrenal glands.
That's possible, but I wonder, can't they analyze the chemicals in your blood and tell you if that is the actual problem?
They did do a blood test the 3 times I have been to the hospital. They didn't tell me specifically if my hormone levels were good. I would have to go back and ask.

Before the attack happened again, did anything significant happen in your life or environment? Any new furniture or appliances or electronics? Any change in diet?

I hope that you are feeling better by now. Have a merry Christmas!
Thanks. Merry christmas.
Your case seems very difficult and you had to endure that for 25 years.
Mine has only been 5 months. This is hell.

Originally Posted by ladybud View Post
With your blood pressure, you should be able to tolerate a beta blocker or calcium channel blocker to slow your rate and stop that pounding feeling. But it is important to rule out excess thyroid hormone production. Also avoid all caffeine since it stimulates the heart, and keep well hydrated, as dehydration will cause a fast heart rate too.
Yes, I would like to go back to the doctors and ask if they have done thyroid test. I assume they have. I would like to try a beta blocker. I have cut out caffeine entirely. Drinking more water and juice and milk.

I just wish I knew if this is going to auto correct.
So far, I have only seen 1 person write that after 2 years, his problem cleared up.