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Prepairing for Reverse shoulder replacement

I have had two extensive rotator cuff repairs on my right shoulder and the latest repair is problematic. I have hereditary connective tissue disorder problems thus the poor results from RC repairs. I have a torn bicep muscle on the same arm.
I have limited strength lifting anything with my arm extended. The latest MRI shows more supraspinatus tearing. It is hard to read because of the halo effect from all of the anchors and screws in my shoulder from previous work.
I can still use my arm but I am concerned about the inevitable.
Has anyone had experiences with the procedure called "reverse shoulder replacement"? Specifically what did you do before surgery to strengthen the deltoid muscles that will make the motion possible post surgery. I have back complications that make many exercises difficult or impossible.
I will be able to have PT with a therapist I have used in the past. I'm sure she will be disappointed to see me back with more of the same issue, but I trust her and want to do everything I can to prepare for the future.
I have a surgeon that does many of these every year, which I understand is rare. What questions should I ask so I have a clue where this procedure takes me and how will the recovery be different than the long drawn out RC repair therapy?

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