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GERD / Acid Reflux, Panic Attacks, Anxiety Attacks, tingles, congestion, indigestion

All of these are related to each other. The source being acid reflux. If your doctor tells you that you need anxiety medicine, don't believe him. The problem causing all of these symptoms (Panic / Anxiety attacks, tingles in arms or other parts of the body, feeling like you're going to swallow your tongue, congestion, tightness of chest, indigestion, chills, hard time breathing, can't catch your breath after exercise, hard time or difficulty swallowing, etc..) all of these are caused by ACID REFLUX / GERD. I had all of these symptoms, and when I started taking aciphex, and then protonix, not only did it stop my acid reflux at night, but it also stopped all of these other symptoms as well.

I am a 29 year old male, and my mother had GERD / Acid Reflux for 28 years, until she finally developed Barrett's esophagus. I'm thinking the reason I have it, is because it's hereditary. I just really started getting the symptoms back at the start of 2010, and I believe it got exacerbated by me lifting weights, particularly the weight lifting exercise known as a SQUAT (I'm assuming anything where you bend your knees and go down with weight added, will really mess with your esophagus and the LES).

I have been on these pills now since August 2012, after I had been lifting weights for almost a year (Oct. 2011-August 2012), that's when I went to the E.R. because I was having a hard time breathing, I had tingles in my forearms, could barely swallow any food, felt like I was going to swallow my tongue for no apparent reason, chills in the middle of the night even when I wasn't cold, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, feeling of doom like I was about to die, etc.. When I got on these pills, all of these symptoms ceased, but I did have some side effects. I am now feeling a bit congested again though, like I have tightness in my chest. I've tried all the remedies under the sun, and it's very unpleasant that I have to go through life popping pills. Has anyone figured out a way to naturally cure GERD? It's a shame, because I've never drank, never smoked or done drugs, eat healthy as possible, tried to work out (which only seemed to make things worse, whereas in other normal people, it would help them), and I am still relatively young. Just wondering if others have experienced similar things as well?

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