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Re: still HPV+ after LEEP- why?? will it ever clear?

You're welcome! The way my gyn/onc makes it sound, your immune system has to be strong enough to fight it off, which is why smoking is so bad for it, which I am trying to quit btw. Then again, hes also pretty negative and told me I'd probably have to deal with this forever. I think theres something they haven't quite figured out yet about fighting it off that has more to do with your immune system. Some people never even know they have it, while others like us have to deal with it for a long time. The good thing is that as long as we keep an eye on it, it will rarely turn into invasive cancer. The bad thing, we have no idea when and if we'll ever have clear paps again. Mine have always been abnormal since 2007 and I have had 4 colpos. Im hoping this laser works, I wanted the leep really bad but three different doctors said "its not right for me". sometimes I feel like its about the money because the laser is so so expensive and outdated, while the leep is simpler and cheaper. who knows, hopefully for us both we can get rid of this crap sooner then later. BTW, do you know if you have any endocervical involvement or just ectocervical?