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Re: Fissures and Piles, Oh My!

Hey all. I appreciate all of your responses I find it hard to vocalize how much this sucks to someone with no concept of this pain.

Let me tell you where I am now. I'm on the nitroglycerin. I'm not sure it's really doing too much anymore. It no longer hurts to have a bowel movement, at least not during. Shortly after, if I do not apply nitro, I get a hard lump form. This is painful and something I've had all alone. So now I'm confused. Since I don't have pain during, does this suggest my fissure is gone? Is my problem now a hemorrhoid that needs to be taken out back and shot? I'm confused and concerned as I never had the spasms that people talk about with fissures. My doctor never really did an exam and never saw the fissure but was convinced that was it. Is it possible in just struggling with a hemorrhoid right now or is this still signs of an angry fissure?

I appreciate any feedback anyone provides.