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Re: New And In Need Of Help

Hi everyone, I wanted to give you all an update. I finally decided to make an appt at a mental health facility and they have been great, I learned that because of the fact that I was having so much diarrhea, my paxil is time released and it was being flushed out of my body. It was like I went off of it cold turkey and this is why the panic attacks got so bad so quickly. I also went to a gastroenterolist and had a colonoscopy and scope. We learned that I have a condition after the gall bladder surgery call severe bile diarrhea. I am now being treated for this and have gained back 3 of the 28 pounds that I lost in a month and a half. I am also in weekly counseling and it is helping me a lot. I am so glad to know that there were medical reasons for a lot that I was going through and I am trying to work through the rest. I found out that I qualify for a program where anything that my insurance doesn;t cover is covered by the center 100%. This allowed me to concentrate on therapy without worrying about the cost. They did increase my lorazepam to 3 times daily for now and we will begin to taper that off when I get a bit stronger, I am feeling a lot better and the panic attacks are not happening near as often. I feel that I am getting better and this is a good feeling. I know that this was the worse that I have ever been and I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown. So glad that someone finally figured out that I was suffering from withdrawal of the Paxil. I hope that the new year is a great one for all of us who suffer from this. I know that there is hope for each and every one of us and thanks to all who offered me kind words when I truly needed it. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.