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Exclamation Slight pain and weak erection since using a Penis Extender around 8 months back:

I am single and 31 years of age. I'm writing this with a great deal of frustration and anxiety.

Around 8 months back (April 1st week), I used a Penis extender only for about 2 - 3 minutes. Believe I tightened it a bit hard around my penis (not elongate / stretch it); ever since, I'm feeling a slight pain at random times during the day (like that of a minor bruise) just below the corona along the area where I applied the extender.

I've been having weaker morning erections ever since and also lost erections attained just from touches / sexual thoughts. I am able to attain proper hard erections like before only by masturbating / watch sexually explicit materials, which again is not lasting long enough as it was before.

My Penis looks just as normal as it was before and there has been no disturbance / pain to urinary function and no kinds of discharge / blood noticed. I've not had sex ever since; though I end up masturbating atleast once in 2 weeks - mostly out of anxiety to ensure the erection is still attainable.

Initially I thought this would have been a sensory nerve issue and might be healing by itself but I don't see that happening, though the pain is getting less evident. I am planning to see a good Urologist very soon but I have the following questions here:

(1). Looking at the above details, do you think this would be an issue with sensory nerves or motor nerves of the Penis?

(2). Specifically since I'm still able to attain full erection (though only by the means explained); do you think this would be a permanent damage or a temporary one which can be healed with proper medication?

(3). Is there proven and effective pills / medicines available which would help in healing such internal injuries / revive the damaged nerves and facilitate cell growth? If yes, any time period within which we should expect to see results?

(4). Though the pain is only slight, if not attended in time; could it lead to cell deaths making such revival of nerves impossible? If yes, what would be a normal time period by which this may happen - more than a year or so? I believed this might heal by itself in a few months time (I had also read posts here about minor internal injuries able to be healed by itself within an year or so).

I humbly request you to please go though the above details and kindly answer these questions. I'm getting restless and anxious by the day due to this and is getting IInd thoughts about any healthy sexual relationships in future.

Thank you for your advice and help here.

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