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After umpteen years finally diagnosed!

Hi all--I have not posted to the boards for quite a while and it is nice to be back! I have gotten so much worthwhile advice from members who have persevered in their quest for a diagnosis and their day finally came. Mine came just a couple of days ago and I think it took off and on the better part of 20 years to finally show up in the TSH. Mind you, it is only up a little bit (ref. range 0.5-4.50-- TSH w/free T4 reflex)--5.51, but when I stop and think of all the symptoms that I have had for years, I really think this has been torturous. Hair falling out, obesity, feeling cold, dry skin, depression, aches and pains, and meds that just don't seem to get to the root of it--this is the route to frustration. My free t4 was fine(ref. range 0.8-1.8)--1.0, and I know I should probably have more thyroid testing, but right now I am so grateful that the doctor took action and prescribed Levothyroxine. HypoT runs in my family(two sisters, niece, and cousin). I do take meds for mood swings and depression/anxiety and I'm sure they pushed this along, but I think this has just been my time and at my age it was bound to eventually show up. I can't help but thank everyone on the board who listened to me when I was at my worst or craziest and gave me encouragement to "hang in there". I would love to hear from veterans, newbies, or thyroid detectives who would like to share their story about how long it took to get diagnosed and how they coped. God bless & Merry Christmas--Hopetofeelwell1

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