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Re: Problems with erections and arousal

Yes, especially if you focus your mind to the subject of the porn, and made a comparison between her and your partner. Hence, if the porn-star owns many aspects that looks better than your partner, then it may procreate a low-judgment to your partner. And it's unfair, because you don't deal with the feeling of the porn, which is impossible because photography is not alive object.

Remember, a porn-star had been selected because she had the best criterias, that most men's mind would agree she's physicaly perfect. Not to mention on how those photographers pick out the best seductive, best temptation, style, etc -in order to make you won't blink your eyes while looking at her pictures.

Once the porn-star is "outdated", the new fresh one appears. Well, if you always have such mind, resembling keep changing "visual-partner" of porn-stars. How can you love your partner? How can you learn to arouse for the only woman you love? Does it not make you think, to keep changing partner in life?

This is why a woman doesn't like his man to watch porn, she feels unwanted anymore.

So how can you be aroused much better if your mind would always think that the porn-star looks better than your partner?

The morning erection can be reduced if you learn the technique. Past time, I used a leaf from new feather-duster to tickle my ear, until it stops the erection. Now, the morning erection is not my habit anymore.

We are the one who should control our wee-wee. You should put its usage for the right timing. If not, then your wee-wee is the one that controls you.

Do you like such treatment, that you are controlled by your wee-wee?

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