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I want to stop, please advice

just a brief background. I've been an addict on narc pain meds for 7yrs. My bi lateral knee surgery trigger my addiction. At first I'd use them as prescribed but after the pain was gone, I realized I could take 2 hydrocodone 7.5/500 to escape my emotional pain. I'd zombie out for hours. I was taking up to 10 a day. My BFF helped me kick it cold turkey. I stayed on her couch for 2 weeks. The shakes, achy ness , diarrhea horse voice,freezing cold. Worse withdraws of my life but she got me through it.Fast forward to January 2011 when I messed up my rt ankle at work. ER dr gave me,yeah you guess it, hydrocodone for pain. I get referred to an OS and he does X-ray and MRI . Results, I tore a ligament, ruptured the fluid sack, bone fragments in the gutter. He gives me hydrocodone for pain, then off to my ankle/foot spec in sept 2012. After examination and looking at my charts, she decided to fix my ankle. She give me yes you guessed it, hydrocodone 10/500 for pain.So I go back to my friends after being clean almost 2 months with narc meds. I tried oct combo of meds but didn't help. I wanted the narcs.she was very upset I had narcs but that's what it took to desk with the pain in my ankle. I want nothing more than to be clean and free of this prison bc it's caused me to alienate my BFF.we are not speaking. I know I have an addiction but I'm not like most addicts, I don't steal meds from family or friends and I don't sell in order in make mony. i honestly think if it had net been for my surgery that I could get clean I might be diagnosed with reflex symphatic dystrophy which is severe chronic pain, managed by narcotic meds. I don't know what to do
Right ankle lateral ankle stabilization with ankle arthroscopy and debridement, curettage and microfracture of the lateral talar dome lesion. Possible RSD of right ankle
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