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Re: I want to stop, please advice

Originally Posted by loki2012 View Post
I want nothing more than to be clean and free of this prison because it's caused me to alienate my BFF.we are not speaking. I know I have an addiction but I'm not like most addicts, I don't steal meds from family or friends and I don't sell in order in make money. I honestly think if it had not been for my surgery that I could get clean again.
Now I might be diagnosed with reflex symphatic dystrophy which is severe chronic pain, managed by narcotic meds. I don't know what to do
Hello loki2012 and welcome.

Wanting to be clean because its affected your relationship is a start but it might not be enough to last the test of time.
Don't get me wrong;some friendships last forever but there are way too many variables to consider.
It's suggested that a person commit to the cause,not for others but primarily for themselves.The addiction began and can only end by one's actions.
Are you prepared to go the extra mile for a better quality of living?
If your answer is yes,then realize it can be accomplished but you'll need some help getting to your destination.

Your prescribing doctor should be made aware of your addiction.Maybe he/she can prescribe something less habit forming.
This may help you on your way to the next step;Narcotic's Anonymous(or an Alcoholic's Anonymous) meeting.The main focus of addiction remains the same in either setting.

If you'd like to discuss this further,I'd be more than happy to oblige.

Respectfully stated
When in doubt, post it out.

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