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sory for all the posts I am just freaking out

I am trying my hardest to remain calm and power through the holidays. I don't know if it is a manifestation of the thyroid issue but I am having heart palpitations, chest pains, panic attacks, crippling depression. I've lost 4 lbs since Thursday when they told me the US results. The rational side of me is saying enough already, drama queen. haha I had a call from my sister yesterday who also has thyroid nodules but none so large and FNA was benign. She reminded me that when I had a lesion removed from my cervix 20 years ago, she was with me as I was freaking out in the doctor's office and he said "You are obsessing - Stop that! You had a growth, I took it out and now it's gone. So you are obsessing over nothing." So I guess I am just the panicking type.

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