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Possible PCA recurrence after IMRT/Brachytherapy

Hello all, first post on these message boards I was diagnosed with PCA in Sept. 2011 with (3+3)Gleason 6. I had 28 IMRT treatments in Dec 2011 followed by Palladium 103 seed implants Jan 2012. Pre treatment PSA WAS 4.0. I know that with RT that it could take 12 to 18 months for my psa to settle down. The following are my PSA numbers after treatment. Clearly, seems like they're going up a little too much. Is this just a "psa bounce" or is it possible sign of a recurrence. The Uro wants me back in February for another psa test. I'm not due to see the RO again untill March. Is another biopsy eventually going to be necessarry in this case? Any other thoughts on these numbers. A recurrence, bounce, or too early to tell. Any thoughts?
Pre treatment PSA Dec 2011-4.0
May 2012-2.5
Aug 2012-3.0
Nov 2012-6.0
Pre RT PSA 4.0 bIopsy 3 cores positive Stage T1C
30% 40% 50%(PNI present) (3+3)G6
Treatment IMRT 12/2011, Pal 103 seeds JAN 2012

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