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This sounds like Cushing's to me. You should see an endocrinologist to confirm. Symptoms can include: Sudden weight gain in the abdominal area (the legs and arms generally remain thin), weight gain or rounding of the face, excessive sweating, striae (purple/red marks on skin that look similar to stretch marks), weight gain on back of neck (similar to a hump)...

You can google it for more info, but what is basically occurring is that you body is producing excessive amounts of cortisol. The hypothalamus (in the brain) releases a hormone (CRH) that tells the pituitary gland at the base of your brain to release a hormone (ACTH)....This hormone, ACTH, then travels to your adrenal glands and tells them to release cortisol. When enough cortisol is produced, your hypothalamus stops releasing the CRH. sum it up...there is a feedback loop that occurs between these three glands and this regulates the release of certain hormones. Kind of like a checks and balances system. If one of these glands stops functioning properly, the whole system gets messed up and too much or too little of a hormone can be released. With Cushing's, there is an excessive amount of cortisol being produced.