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Re: Possible PCA recurrence after IMRT/Brachytherapy

Originally Posted by Tall Allen View Post
That shot up very quickly -- I would be suspicious it's due to prostatitis. Try a course of Cipro to see if it goes down. Sometimes prostatitis responds to antibiotics, sometimes not. You have nothing to lose by that. Any urinary symptoms?

- Allen
Yes, I have moderate systems with about 12 IPSS, and I am taking Flomax .04 mg per day which seems to help. DRE in November was normal, and Uro didn't seem to suggest it was prostatitis. He said my PSA could be 10 next time, and still wasn't concerned.
Pre RT PSA 4.0 bIopsy 3 cores positive Stage T1C
30% 40% 50%(PNI present) (3+3)G6
Treatment IMRT 12/2011, Pal 103 seeds JAN 2012