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Ok first off I have a great personality and had so many goal growing up and now they have seem to vanish I'm 20. It all started my junior year I thought I had a brain tumor and went searching online for hours about it and convinced myself I had one. And that put me in a panic and lasted a couple weeks. Then I got over it and felt fine for about a year. Then the panic and anxiety came back next year around Christmas time when it started the previous year. Then went away after a couple of weeks again then came back here and there but not bad. This year was my best year of not feeling anxious and all those crazy thoughts it seemed as over summer I was perfect living life to the fullest not thinking of anything I got in a relationship and I felt I was back to normal for good. Then bam this year when it started getting cold it hit me again but this time worse than ever I started thinking like how am I moving? How am I thinking ? What's the point on earth? How do I say words how am I typing right now? And this put me in a full blown panic attack and now it's on my mind 24/7 I've been in bed all day researching about ocd and it calmed me down for like 5 mins but now I'm back obsessing over it.

I'm so scared I feel not real I'm questioning everything I don't know what to do. I'm stuck in the middle of terror and terror

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