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Re: I want to stop, please advice

I am sorry to hear about your pain. If you have ever had an addiction to a narcotic, it is a toss up deciding do you take the medication again or stay in pain?
With addiction, if there is legit pain you can justify your need to take it. You just have to be careful that pain is the only reason you are and not because it is an escape. Most all addicts take their medication as prescribed, to start with. Even in your first post you said you did that and then realized you could escape and took them even after pain. Thats where it becomes an addiction.
If your doctor knew you had an addiction, none of them would ever prescribe you a narcotic medication. They know the chances of you becoming addicted again. If you want to stay free of them, all you have to do is mention it to the doctor that you had a problem with them and you wont have to worry. Once the doctor knows, no one will offer you any pain relief that is habit forming.
You said no other medications work? What all medications have you tried? All you said was all the doctors gave you hydrocodeine, you didnt mention whatelse you have tried. There are so many drugs out there, its surprising that nothing else but a narcotic will help. Im wondering do the others not help or do they not give you the same feeling as lortabs do? People react differently to drugs but I have several members in my own family who have an addiction to lortabs because of the euphoric feeling they give them. Its scary to me to see people want pills for that reason. It makes it so hard on those of us who have real chronic pain because doctors are scared to prescribe them. Just be careful that you arent giving other meds a fair shot because you know how the lortabs work.
There are also long acting medications that may help if you are going to require meds long term.They are not like lortabs. You dont feel them when you take them, they just control your pain. They keep the pain controlled at a steady level for up to 12 hours. I take one at bedtime myself and it works great.
Lastly dont be upset with your friend. Sounds like she is looking out for your best interest. She has seen the worst part of addiction, the w/ds. Im sure she doesnt want the addiction to get out of hand again and to see you go through that. Maybe she will feel better if she can go with you to your appointments? Let her hear from the doctor what your pain is like and that you do need medication to control it. Let her be involved with your care and maybe she will worry less.
Please dont think I am trying to nag you or make you feel bad. Most addictions start out because of real pain. If you are going to continue to take them, please be careful. Only take them when pain is at its worst and not because you can take them. Never follow a schedule (like every 4-6 hours) because your body will get dependant on them that way. Try to wait as long as possible between so you dont build a tolerence so quick. If you see it begins to get out of control, get help then. Dont wait until its so bad you dont know what to do. Sadly alot of people dont realize they are addicted, atleast you know youve had a problem.
I wish you lots of luck.
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